The Small Business Owner Vs The Paper Monster

Monsters in the closet, alligators under the bed, bogeyman down the hall, Of course this was when you were a child. You aren’t a child any longer. Now you are an adult. Not only are you an adult, you are a well rounded, educated adult who owns their own business. Yet there are monsters everywhere you turn. Paper monsters that is.

What is the paper monster?

The paper monster lurks around every corner to turn. The collections, stacks, and filing cabinets of paper collecting in your small business are found everywhere. You don’t notice them at first, but just like the little shop of horrors, they get bigger and bigger as you feed them. No, these monsters didn’t just show up one day. They were created. Created by you. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Now Has Tempered Ruiner Nergigante, Stygian Zinogre And Other Monsters

How does a paper monster get created?

You are constantly creating your own paper monster. Nurturing them, feeding them, even being comforted by them until years of invoices, mail, bills and receipts pile up and become completely overwhelming. These monsters usually come in one or more of the following types:

* Melody the mail pile

* Billy the bill stack

* Roger the receipt box

Each of these monster form in different ways, but will overtake your focus if allowed to grow. Your task is to slay the beast, kill the monsters you find all around you. It is time to become a destroyer of monsters.

Can the monsters really be destroyed?

No, you can’t destroy the monster. Not really anyway. The monster will always appear when you forget about it for a few days. The stacks start to get bigger (and occupy a bigger portion of your thoughts) and the paper monster takes root again. You can’t destroy the monster, however, you can manage the monster. Managing the monster is all about shrinking it from its current state to a smaller state, to one that can be kept under control. Not destroyed but tamed.